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I know there are thousands of other websites that you can go to that all claim that they can teach you how to train your dog simple, fast and easy and the truth is there are many highly qualified dog trainers to choose from.

As a dog owner it really is your obligation to see that your dog gets the proper training so that he or she may enjoy a happy, safe and healthy life.

My site is not limited to just teaching you the latest Puppy Training Tips, I will share information with you covering a wide variety of helpful topics related to raising a healthy and happy pet.

Special Note: If you wish to contact Anita about our Mobile Dog Grooming Service, Pet Boarding Resort, Self-Service Pet Washing, Food Delivery or if you are looking for a new Puppy you may call Anita direct at: 585-748-5738 this is the main number for reaching Anita's Puppy Palace. Thank You!

Anita's Puppy Palace Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

If I were you I would be asking the same question. Dog owners are a special breed in themselves, we are not just dog owners we are dog lovers and this goes for those of you who have cats as well, our pets are more than just possessions they are part of our families and just as you would want for any family member you would want the best for your pet as well.

Puppy Training Tips From Anita's Puppy Palace

Anita's Puppy Training

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I started Puppy Palace over 20 years ago and I built the business from the ground up. I choose the pet industry as my career path not because I thought that I could get rich, which I am not.

I choose this path in life because I have always had a passion for animals and I have loved every pet I ever had as though they were part of my family because they were in fact part of my family.

For someone to be qualified to offer Puppy Training Tips to other dog owners I feel that they really need a lifetime of experience with dogs on all levels.

In addition to having all the experience and qualifications you would expect any dog training expert to have I have over 20 years of experience in dealing with hundreds of different breeds of dogs and that is a very high standard to top.

I don't just run a website offering Puppy Training Tips, I have an off line Dog Training Business. I have been a professional dog groomer for over 20 years and I have won numerous grooming competitions throughout the state.

Puppy Palace offers a wide range of services as I said I am an award winning professional dog and cat groomer, we have a 33 run boarding kennel for dogs of all sizes and we have a separate cattery.

Puppy Palace Boarding Facility has won numerous awards over the years for being one of the most modern and cleanest facilities in the state.

This part of the business has just enhanced our ability to handle hundreds of different breeds and temperaments which has carried over into our dog training skills which qualifies us as having the experience to offer you some of the best Puppy Training Tips available.

If your dog was very sick or he was injured you would bring him or her to a qualified, licensed veterinarian, well the same should go for when your dog is in need of some training.

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, like the, however that does not necessarily make them a qualified, experienced dog training expert.

If you are going to take Puppy Training Tips from someone would you not want them to be a qualified, licensed dog trainer with years of experience and a proven track record? Of course you would, I know that I would not want an amateur training my dog.

Dog training is a skill but in addition to the skills that are necessary there also needs to be a passion. Dogs are very intuitive animals and if you lack the compassion that is needed in dog training you will not be a very successful dog trainer at all.

I have years of training in the field of dog training and when you combine that with the love and compassion that I have for all animals I feel that it makes me more than qualified to offer you some of my best Puppy Training Tips.

However throughout this site you will not only find the most effective methods for training your dog you will find all types of information concerning the health of your dog, information on specific dog breeds, healthy dog foods, socializing your dog and much much more.

Anita's Puppy Palace Offering Puppy Training Tips And So Much More!

I would like for you to think of this site as your own personal website and if you would like me to

Anita's Puppy Training Tips

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talk about certain topics please feel free to let me know what you are interested in.

I have over 3200 local clients that have asked me to restructure my site so that it would be much easier for them to navigate.

We have been working on the redesigning of Anita's Puppy Palace so that it would be easier for you to find the puppy training tips you are looking for or specific pet supplies however I am open to any suggestions that would help to improve the site for the benefit of all.

Many of you have asked if I could offer pet related products on the site and I have been able to set it up so that it is very easy to find just about anything you could need in the way of pet supplies and at prices that cannot be beat.

We have had a tremendous response as a result of adding the contact form which allows you to share your concerns, comments and requests for specific Puppy Training Tips or other information.

Thank You All For Being Loyal and Supportive Customers And Our Friends!
Anita Platt
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