Bird Grooming Supplies

bird grooming supplies

bird grooming supplies
what do i need to buy for a cocktail? ?

ok this is my first time buying a cocktail or for that fact any bird so i need to know what exactly what i need to buy like, cleaning the cage supplies, cage, exercise, treats, grooming, and ext. what else do i need?what types of each do i need?

Minimum cage size of 24" cubed but bigger is always better just make sure the spacing between the bars is no more that 3/4" or your tiel can gets its head or wing trapped in the bar.

As far as cleaning supplies, cleaning should be done with an ordinary dish soap or a bleach and water solution so nothing special is needed. You will need something to line the bottom tray of the cage with for easy clean out of droppings butcher paper or craft paper are both fine or if the bottom tray is separated from the main cage by a grate newspaper is fine.

Exercise wise I would recommend a cagetop or seperate play gym,

You will also need food and water dishes (open top tiels don't tend to like hooded ones) at least 2 perches, at least a couple of tiel safe toys though I recommend more so you can rotate them.

Treats can range from small treats to honey sticks (mixture of honey and seed and millet sprays. The last two tend to be favorites.

Grooming wise you will need a shallow dish to put in the cage for bathing and/or a spray bottle with a mist setting as some tiels don't like the shallow dish to bath in.

Food wise find out what your tiel is eating now and stick with that for at least a week. After that if it is not already eating a pelleted diet I would recommend trying to switch it to a diet that is primary pellets with some seed and fresh foods. An all seed diet can lead to health problems later on as our pet tiels don't need the fat levels found in seed like their wild cousins do.

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