Hunting Dog Supplies

hunting dog supplies

hunting dog supplies
Are these legal?? (dog tattoo machine)?

I mean you can buy them, but geeze-seems kinda crazy, a DIY tattoo machine for dogs?
Umm I never said I wanted one. Stupid answer.
I know it's for identification, I just dont trust these things available to the public.
lol guys, it was just a question.

My dog is microchipped and I am NOT a hunter, im actually pretty against hunting. I was just interested in these things...I wouldnt be able to tatto my dog. She has a collar and a tag...she's a city dog haha.

Thanks for the info. =)

they are used by breeders as some kennel clubs still require the dog to be tattooed. Personally I think microchipping is better. With a tattooed ear you are more likely to end up with a dog who's going to be missing part of their ear.

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