About Us

About Us

Anita's Puppy Palace originally started as just a one person Mobile Pet Grooming Service. My husband owned a large Wholesale Florist Business and the company I was working for wanted me to relocate so that gave me the drive and ambition to start my own business.

I had plenty of experience as a pet groomer. Years ago I worked part time for a for a small pet grooming shop and boarding kennel and I also attended Rochester Academy of Grooming where I earned my certification as a Professional Pet Groomer. Choosing to start my own Pet Grooming business appeared to be my best option at the time and it definitely turned out to be the right choice.

The mobile aspect was a completely original business concept and my husband actually built the first Mobile Pet Grooming Salon.

The business took off quickly and just 3 months into it I was booked 100% of the time for 2 to 3 months in advance. I really had no choice but to get a second Grooming Salon on the road. I also had many of my clients asking me to watch their pets for them while they went on vacation and this lead to my husband building a 12 run boarding kennel on our property.

We had plenty of room to expand the business as a year after our marriage we built our home on a 40 acre plot tucked into the woods.

The business grew very fast and going into its third year I was booked several months in advance and the Kennel was kept full 100% of the time so we decided to add an on-site grooming salon.

By my fifth year in business I had trained two other groomers and my husband had turned our 12 run boarding kennel into a 33 run kennel and we started breeding Pomeranian Pups and it wasn't long before we had a waiting list for new pups.

We built an addition onto our home and we designed one of the rooms specifically for our dogs, the room is beautiful we hired a professional artist to paint the room as a natural outdoor scenery. The room has a vaulted ceiling and the trees painted all the way up, we put in a little doggie door which allows them to come and go as they please and my husband and I buried electric fencing around a two+ acre perimeter so our dogs pretty much have it made.

About 12 years into the business we decided to put up a self-service Pet Washing Location as well as a small Pet Shop and Grooming Salon at my husbands business as he owned a large building located on a major roadway so that made for a perfect location. That business took right off so instead of it being opened 3 day a week as planned we had to run it 6 days a week.

After a couple more years of steady growth we were struck with tragedy when my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 35. After undergoing 6 brain surgeries he was left with a host of medical disabilities which eventually cost him his business, boxing career and his independence. My husband now builds websites such as this one and and 4 others he has built just for my business. He has used his illness to help inspire others dealing with all types of issues and that has now become his passion. He build a Personal Development website which he uses to help others, if you would like to visit his site you can just click on this link: Positive Thinking For Personal Development

Due to the sale of my husbands business and some medical insurance issues I had to close the shop that was in his building and consolidate my entire business.

Anita's Puppy Palace and all our services are now located on our property just 100 yards from our home and as it turned out that was the best thing we could have done for the business. Our customers love coming to our Homestead and we get a lot more kennel business.

If you would like to contact us you may use the Contact Us form or you can simply send an email to Anita at:  aplatt @ rochester.rr.com or anita@mypupspalace.com

Thank You!

Anita Platt owner of Anita's Puppy Palace Pet Grooming And Boarding Kennels of Western NY 585-748-5738