Angel Eyes Dog Tear Remover

Angel Eyes Dog Tear Remover

Angel Eyes Dog Tear Remover




It was yesterday,

When I saw her again,

Her stare seemed unfriendly,

Far removed, maybe from fanciful ideas,

The scary pair of her eyes,

Moved with what I though "faked uncertainty",

Unsure in its horns of dilemma

Only I heard the echo of silence;

That she was not herself……

For long I pondered,

Liked all the same,

For hours that I wondered,

Where exactly laid the game,

For the way she would said,

Like the proverbial maid:

"it isn't the sweet smell of a fresh rose,

Not an overnight adventure,

Into the untamed innocence of the other…."

Inwardly, I added:

"it isn't the huge words, painted with abstract desires,

Filthy aspirations, hidden in the claws of admirations,

Indeed, it is more than a wide smile,

Deep from the heart,

And the faint pulse that is bound,

To be committed in a cruel game,

It knows not its unfair rules!"



I watched her leave in silence,

I feared as she stepped forward,

That she might be blindfolded,

So, she will settle for the very path,

Papa had warned her many years back.

I feared she might be armed with female chauvinism,

An enormous anger,

And learn the lessons meant for her survival.

Here comes a mushrooming,

Undiscovered planet,

Where sweet girls are freedom-thirsty,

Yet, the sole avenue of a handsome tomorrow,

Is the epicenter of their faked allegiance?


She might lead the way,

Well-armed with shattered tenets,

Debris of her inner-self,

And wholesome filth of her following,

Hungry and freedom-thirty,

Perhaps submissive unwavering………

To dig deep inside their bitter ambitions,

Of sliming their minutes, hours, days

Those are the few years,

Our good God has given them,

Far and wide she might sail,

Sidestepping the counsel,

Of those she will regard as enemies,

Pieces of rotten cabbages,

Cheap bananas, success failures,

Poor millionaires………..

Maybe she will hardly play it safely,


She will stager along the joyous way,

Embrace the beautiful, awesome, red roses

So, they will call her "Sweet Rosy".

Every hour, every minute,

They will sing her wonderful name,

And make her ware a golden ring,

Perched with absentees,

And maybe, blindfolded,

She might succumb to the dirt,

The filth of those icy nails,

And sadly, she might enter the devoid abyss,

Coated with darkness so dark,

I will never see her again!



I just watched her leave in silence,

Far in the easterner horizon,

Her figure was no more,

And then I remembered one more thing,

For tomorrow is a big joke,

And jokes are never real,

You never can tell.

I had wanted to tell her before I departed,

To wherever I hardly knew,

I would love to lit a smile on sad faces,

Be a tender pillar,

Many of them will lean on,

For comfort,

Loosen the firm grip,

Of the swaying storms,

That normally comes with daily challenges,

Struggle of the moment,

And worries of the misty tomorrow

How I would love to say, sorry!

To those who are nursing the curses of fate,

Sheltering the cruel burden,

Placed on them for no good reason,

And never letting them go……….

Oh yes! How I would love,

To urge those deprived,

Of the ominous task of enduring,

To say A Big No! To the crooked temptations,

Of ever despairing, and rather,

Live to fight yet another tomorrow.

How I would love, how I would like,

To remind those close to mine heart,

That never will the beating cease for them,

Forever, they remain the most reserved,

Respected and adored by the real me,

And wherever I shall be,

I will be watching over them,

I will be fighting zealously,

For them not to freed on that coarse path,

That lead to vanity, rather,

I would love to add some fat meaning,

On the lives of both my foes and friends…………..



Gone she was,

I went back home,

To a peaceful world I had created,

All night long,

I kept wondering why she hadn't asked,

Why hadn't she asked me why?

So if fettered and whined loudly,

Any minute I stood before her,

Why the worry,

And wrinkle of sadness formed in her gorgeous face,

Or when the slap of the world,

Heaves a bruise in her heart,

Why I now care so much about the sly wind,

So it might not suddenly blow her way,

And leave her a mark,

So it will steal the warmth,

And deny her the peace of the heart…..

She hadn't asked why I will even sacrifice the atonements',

Skip the feast the silent moments,

Wiping away tears from her eyes,

Lighting the candles,

So the blanket of sight,

Will not cover her rays of hope,

And make her cry……………..



I was more than ready, though,

Inside- I knew it will be a bed of roses and thorns,

Innocent laughter of her great eyes,

Its pleasing echo,

That will ring in the ears of my heart for ages:

Inside-I knew even if she will say "Yes"

It will be so long a journey,

With cordial embraces, coldest handshakes,

There will be times so hard,

We will wish we were never set forth;

So, we will cry and cry and cry,

Fall into the arms of fate,

Recalling those fine minutes, those hugs, caresses, smiles……….

Yearning for those moments,

Yet, another retreat,

To where we started from,

Inside- I knew – so she should,

The fierce array in-waiting will be there,

Slowly engaging in a conspiracy,

To bring demise to our would-be joyous days,

So strong they will come,

With subtle, unkind tell-tales,

But inside, also, I knew, our love will be bold,

Fenced with a fabric of volition,

Of never despairing…….

We will go past the obstacles,

Through the narrowness of lady luck,

Abreast the inner passion,

That will fight for our love,

We will together untie the knot of pessimism,

And wear the white robe,

Plausible ray of light,

In the depths of darkness!




When it was midnight,

I woke up and decided to write a song,

A wonderful gift to my future wife………….

I gazed at the massive sheet of cobweb,

That idly relaxed on the root,

I felt the cold, an embrace of quietness,

Heard the throb of my heart,

Its silent echo from a distance,

As I fought hard to remember,

The icy yesteryears,

The lifeless touch of Ann,

That, disturbing became vivid,

That, dull taste she would leave me with,

Oh yes! All these envious years,

And I couldn't remember a thing more,

And I realized I was madly in love with silence!

Then I remember the pen in my hand,

And the patient exercise book,

So, I began writing the song:


" I would wish with much enthusiasm,

That I were there for you always,

But, you see,

It doesn't work that way;

At least not nowadays

Gone are those precious times,

Those wonderful days,

When my friends wouldn't dare touch you,

Until you were ripe enough.

Today, they are at a hurry to get you to bed,

As soon as mangoes,

Will fight with the blouse

Some will not wait even for your okay,

With lots of money and nice words,

They are sure to win over your souls,

I would be to defend you,

To fight for you,

For our love,

So we can have it in the right time,

But you see;

Their safety lies in their huge number,

And they will threaten to flex their muscles,

So I could feel the real heat…………..

I am watching from a safe distance,

As the vultures preys my future wife,

I am ever in negotiations,

With fate to have patty on you,

So we can have it at the right time.




Inside- I know you will wonder,

You will wonder why,

You will undeniably want to know,

Why I am prying yet you've even,

Never known the real me.

But at least you have embraced my cold shadow,

You've snitted my innocence,

You've rested my bargains,

And you never liked my face,

For that is what I heard,

From your superb friends,

All the same,

I love chosen to be on your side,

To defend you though you do not bother,

And in return,

You should do what it pleases you the most,

Like your shadow,

I even walked beside you this morning,

This evening when I saw you,

In that simple, red outfit,

That made you a blossoming flower,

As the sun's rosy crept away accusingly,

You noticed me,

With the faint throb of your charming heart,

And perhaps, for I cannot tell,

You welcomed the wisest counsel,

Of ignoring me

All the same.

This minute of the midnight,

I would love to wish,

That you are alright.

I have never been, until I will call you wife,

After divorcing with the loneliness and bitterness,

After disowning the coldness and resentment




It is with mixed feelings that I am writing,

You need not to ask me why,

I will tell you.

You see, I have this weird feeling,

That you won't hate me,

Even if I pry a little further,

You might dislike my face yes,

I might lack the muscle and strength,

But I have a huge heart,

Whose soul occupant is your wondering soul,

Maybe not; at least resentment,

Or that kind of thing,

Well- I thank thee,

For it has been long,

Since any human felt a thing for me.

Then, there goes those wonderful eyes,

Though not spoken, I understood their coded message

So, I decided it will be worthy an effort,

To sing this song for you,

A song that must tell you of my past,

My tomorrow, my today.

I can forget everything,

And try ton start a fresh,

Even if I can't be sure of this future,

For darkness is all if wears,

I know you will pretend,

You never wanted to hear a thing from me,

Perhaps you will even curse my dawn name,

Before a devoted congregation,

Of shy and giggling old girls,

As they cheer and jeer,

Then, when the night will come,

In the dead of tomorrows night,

As part of you wouldn't resent me,

You will secretly lit the candle,

And read these words,

A thousand and two times,

Only the whistle of the birds,

Will make you sleep in the morning….




My past you must know,

And like no one else's,

It has been a served cake from hell!

Time and again,

Out of human weakness I couldn't help,

I have taken a bite with less care,

Sometimes, with no care at all.

And sure as death is.

It has left scars in my heart,

Mine soul had hardly known peace,

Trouble there has been,

Scandals have gone and come back again,

To do its trick,

And ensure I shutter the more.

I have nursed the wounds,

With much enthusiasm,

Sometimes, with lots of envy.

No one else has ever known,

What love did to me,

For many years,

It has caused me tears;

Today, love is my untamed foe,

It does as it please with me,

It does led the way,

To wherever it wishes.

Forever, it has been whispering to me,

That one morning, one evening,

In a thousand and one;

I will found a true mate.

Perhaps it is you, maybe not,

Fate has never been fair to me,

Am worried, sometimes am not…..

It will help, Maam, if I let you know

My yester-everything:




Sarah was the first,

It was ever great that she was there,

The very first entrant,

In my then enormous heart.

Well-many a times a times we meet people,

Some, will tend to have an eternal mark in your life.

Other will get into your nerves,

Without them, life is meaningless.

Such was the case with her,

So memorable are those great moments,

We had together,

The hide and seek game,

Swimming on the muddy pools,

Chasing Mzee Ayab's rabbits,

God! And that splendid laughter,

Occasional chattering,

That to-date still rings in my ears,

Her sweet smell,

The young, innocent and …free

Sarah taught me how to love,

I really knew how to love,

I loved her so much,

And she, too, loved me.

But when we became worlds apart,

Sarah ran out of patience.

She got married!

I remember when I got the sad news,

I cried and cried and cried,

Like a little child,

A year later, Mr. Right married a second wife,

She decided she had no more good reasons,

To nurse the braises of fate,

So, she committed suicide!

For many days, I wailed,

My heart grew heavy,

Everyone feared the sadness will kill me.

Then, came Sofia:

She warmed my bed,

Wiped the tears away,

And forced her way right into my heart.

The generous smiles encouraged me,

The hugs were occasional,

Slowly, she became a devil within,

A had no other choice,

Other than to love her back.

Before Andrew came over,

So two doors were between us,

I had this feeling that nothing whatsoever,

Will keep us apart.

Nights and days,

I prayed for fate to be merciful,

At least for the real storms,

To take its time,

Before crushing our hopes and dreams.

Time ran fast for us,

Or so I now think.

Secretly, Andrew adored Sofia,

And kept it to himself.

When he couldn't help it,

He began playing clever games,

With time, the usual laughter of her eyes warned,

The warmth was replaced with cold,

And I couldn't find the reason why.




Many worthy evenings and mornings,

Were spent in vigorous thinking,

Each time I missed the answer.

Questions kept bulging,

Answers kept a safe distance.

Then, one bloody morning, Sofia was no more,

And so was Andrew.

Weeks later, I received an invitation letter,

To a wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew-to-be!

"We couldn't just help it! Bear with us."

That was how they put it,

I would have been long dead,

Had it not been for a kind soul,

Her name Nancy,

Like a burnt child, I dreaded fire more than anything,

But the lot proved very sly,

You wouldn't just knew where they stand.

I knew I had to tread cautiously,

And here was Nancy,

Moving closer with every ticking second,

My coldness didn't helped much,

She avoided them,

Told the whole world,

That one evening, while looking directly into my eyes,

Nancy told me:

If I were to make her mine,

Gave her mine heart to take away,

She will never let me down!

Mine friend-time-was to answer that,

So when the time came,

We wedded forth whole world to know,

Family and friends witnessed,

Young and old gave their blessings.

We vowed vehemently:

Our troubles we will share ,

Our merry alike,

Any stray bitter lemons,

We will take in together,

Exactly as I gave it to the late Sarah,

Yet, days came and went-went and came back,

Months and Months on end,

Then, we had our own child,

A bouncing baby-boy,




Brother Jared had been our usual guest,

Every chance he got,

Many a times, he would hold the baby,

Lift him up and laugh with her,

Just like any goat-hearted relations.

Sometimes, he will stay the night

Joke with the little angel,

Until he had had enough of him.

Then they will hug and say goodnight!

A second child-we had yet again,

A bouncing baby-boy,

And mama was used to calling him Jared,

For their complexion marched,

Again, he became playful with the boy,

Danced to his usual tunes,

Tighten the occasional hugs,

Overstretch the genuine smile,

And stayed over for the night,

When I will be away,

Attending to some needful chores,

Jared will sneak-in.

And they will do their things.

When Sister Maria told me she had seen them,

With both her naked eyes,

I didn't believed-simply pat;

It was unbelievable!

A third child we had,

Another Jared was self forth….,

They told me to watch out,

Soon, I was a sentinel,

Then one bright Sunday,

When they would expect me to be in church,

I stored in and caught them in the act!

Believe me you,

It was the largest share,

An enormous bite of the cake,

Served from the gates of hellish-everything,

I remembered screaming,

A called old names,

From that of Suru-great, great grandmother,

To that of Sugu-great, great grandfather,

Not forgetting the world of the living-dead,

For them all to witness, what my half-brother had done to me,

A remember wailing, mourning sorrowfully,

People came in their hundreds,

Giggling, cackling, sneering,

Celebrating, cheering, jeering.

Victoriously for my fall.

We had to part ways.

As you know, the kids are with Mama

Bitterly unaware of the dramas,

Games them people play,


Life is that funny,

How you women can blind poor us,

We just will never know.

All those years I had been blind,

Sure, Nancy never loved me!

It was the huge granary,

The large herd of cattle…

I do salute her for being such a great schemer,

Who played her cards as close as possible to her chest,

She hardly bets,

And like a gold-digger,

She would stop at nothing,

Until she obtains her rightful share.

Two years after we separated,

News were in the air,

She married A-Mr._syphoon,

A renowned tycoon,

From God knows exactly where!

One morning, I discovered Jared's den,

Where he had hidden,

Through a friend's hand,

He had a beautify wife,

With shrewd eyes, subtle cheeks,

"No doubts another gold-digger!"

I introduced myself,

And made it very clearly,

That I will be staying over for the night,

Mr. Big was on an undiscovered safari,

Luckily, he never showed up,

He called to say he will be out for weeks,

In an undiscovered seminar somewhere confidential,

And we both knew that sort of seminar,

Where meetings are lateral with mating,

Behind easy sheets,

And in between heart issues!

Madam Sonya was not tight-fisted,

She dished out splendid niceties,

So, had to enjoy the relish,

Accompanied with wicked smile,

Great look, charming warmth,

We discovered nonsense,

About Brother Jared,

Whom she was beginning to like the least,

For he was hardly there for her,

I understood and made my move,

We ignored her periods,

Which were for favor my plans,

We did it and decided it was great,

We hadn't done anyone any wrong,

As I was going back home,

Madam Sonya showed me the neighbors,

Who was now overcome with the might,

Of African roots,

On seeing me, the tired figure lost control,

Started wailing as though he were bereaved,

I moved closer to offer my consolation,

And to my shock, it was none other than Andrew,

I headed back home,

Singing the old song,

The golden rule indeed!

" unto others as you wish done unto you"




I cared less for the soothing whistle of the wind,

I closed my ears and decided it will not harm,

If all there will never be anyone for me,

It seemed there was none for my kind,

Girls were forever up to some mischief,

Some will made you believe,

You were the best since a hot cake!

The best that has ever happened to them,

When truth be told,

They never like your face at all,

They have their coded agencies,

Always engrossed in innumerous calculations,

Formulae to sidestep innocent men like me,

A numerous will surely fall in love with your tangible future,

Your smart brain, your awesome chin,

Your handsomeness-once they will be no more,

They, too, will be no more,

For they never loved you inn the first place,

Others will fall in love with your present,

Perhaps it is ornamented with a fat wallet,

Dozen of cows and goats,

Once deflected, they are sure to vanish into the thin air!

I know sop you know,

You are not like them,

For long you've sailed through the some sea like mine,

Storms have come year way,

You've been let down,

By those you trusted so much,

Friends have betrayed your love for them,

Surprisingly, enemies have come to your rescue,

Our angels abandoned us in the hour of need,

To run for dear lives,

And protect their stupid necks,

We might argue we never had had friends,

We were ever surrounded by python and thorns,

Crabs, savages, vampires

Whose massive thirst was to drain off our blood,

See us dead and buried,

Six feet under the ground!

I know it is hard, very hard,

To begin trusting once more,

But you can trust for the last time,

You can bet on me,

And I assure you, Maam,

You will never regret my coming into your life.

A soul of a goliath,

To withstand such storms,

Bravo! For never losing hope,

When things got tougher and tougher,

You kept going,

When you felt the weight of a storm,

You forged forward meaningfully,

For there ahead of you lied something precious,

I know the slap of the world,

Gave you sleepless nights and ill days,

The moments were so dark,

They denied you the quest,

To mingle with the sly and subtle,

They crushed your inner passion,

Many a dream, many a hope,

You even questioned our God Lord,

Why were you ever set forth,

You had dozens of volatile questions,

The answers proved cheeky,

So you wholeheartedly resigned to fate,

And almost gave up….



I know like me,

You also had your first love,

Which to-date you've never forgotten,

The young, innocent, with plumb cheeks,

A soft heart that was your pillow,

Tender hands that firmly hold your heart,

And just like me again,

As fate would have it,

For one or two reasons,

Distance kept you miles apart,

So he married you not,

You were worn out, you lost hope,

Hardly loved the way you loved before,

Then came Petero,

A charming, promising, kind-hearted angel,

Who wrested the loneliness out of you,

Filled your empty soul with swollen promises,

Made you feel the greatest thing in the world,

You had to learn like before,

How to stick him in your heart,

So he might not fell a prey to others,

So nobody else could won him,

You encouraged each other in all aspects,

In the name of impressing the other;

You excelled in your undertakings….

Petero was not the only one,

That had seen the beauty in you,

Mwalimu couldn't help,

Though he has a daughter thrice year's age!

He started not failing you,

Gifts flowed every now and then,

You loathed the whole thing with a pasiion so great,

You cursed under your breath,

Told him off, go to hell,

When he would start playing games,

But blindly, or so you thought, you had eaten so much,

Too deep into his ever fat wallet,

When threatened to shout,

So papa and mama could get to know,

That you had been receiving gifts;

You had to give in and he was the real winner,

Soon, you were an overgrown baby,

A woman in a child's body and soul,

When Petero heard, you had to part ways,

And endure the eternal year,

In which Mwalimu thrived,

Gave you more of the sophisticated gifts,

And hardly failed you,

Then, when he would quench his thirst,

He begun mouse and cat game,

He saw another beauty in your trust friend,

The gifts exchanged hands,

She was the quench of the moment,

You were depressed,

Yet, expected when you were sitting for your exams,

Your results were average,

But you wasted a year and so,

Before finally joining High school,




Papa had called your mom names,

You had to change, come what may,

Behave decently,

Otherwise he won't pay your school fees,

The average performance wasn't part of you,

You know you've scored handsome marks,

You decided well,

Agreed there was no point,

Commenting over what isn't yours,

You remember swearing before the clan,

That you'll put yourself in a fight position,

And surprise everyone,

They heard you and gave their blessings,

They wished you well,

Kept their distance watching,

Mom was to take care of your child,

Endure the hard times with it,

Absorb the cries and the tears,

Time did went by without much care,

Without bothering, never worried,

Only concerned about tomorrow,

You ever fought hard,

To forget Peter forever,

Yet, his former self was always alike,

Ever vigorous in your memory,

The school routine became even tight,

What with the cats and rats,

Endless assignments,

And when schools would close,

You emerged the books wholeheartedly,

Papa would nod in satisfaction,

Praise your Mom,

And gave you gifts.



Then Sam moved closer,

Started exchanging books with you,

Well-he had a great face,

And a kind soul to match with,

Papa approved of him,

His papa was a serious scholar,

Ambitious, helpful and talented,

All his clan worshiped education,

Were die-hard fans of academic credentials,

And will never forgive the non-schooled,

He reminded you to follow,

He guided you with awesome finesse,

And thus: won the favor of both mama and Papa,

It was time and circumstance,

That ever brought you together,

You got to know other,

He turned you outside-inside,

Made you sick anytime he was not around,

When he said it,

You had no problem with fixing things,

He accepted your conditions,

Just the way a gentleman would behave,

That after you're through with the books,

You will ne his body and soul,

When the government man perceived your ambitions,

He was mad with rage,

Threatened to disown Sam,

Reminded him of the other girls,

Where parents are like him,

About others who were better off,

Who shared in his worthy class,

And most important, the girl was a mother,

He ought to respect her the way,

He did to his own mother!

Sam was devastated,

But at the end,

He had to bent to his dad's wishes,

And as soon as he was through,

For he was three years ahead of you,

A classic wedding was hurriedly arranged,

Sam married a daughter to another government man!




When you were in form two,

Papa succumbed to diabetes,

You were so down,

Mom really sutured,

A series of museating ailments,

From the breast cancer and a lot of stress,

She, too, passed away a year later…

You became an orphan,

You began wondering aimlessly,

From neighbors to aunties,

Carrying a burden of immense sorrow,

Approaching the appealing darkness,

And the inevitable surrender,

You tracked dangerously,

Amidst a pool of lions,

All those shrewd men,

Who saw your eyes?

Read your innocence,

Planning secretly to steal your ripen soul,

The fruits from the fate tree,

Chose such untimely moment,

To ripen and descend upon you,

You were on your own,

Despised and condemned,

And Mugo became a pillar,

Offered himself, so you could lean on him,

True, there were others out there,

Whose parents owned very little,

The working class had long discovered,

It was proper for them to enjoy tea,

With something solid,

So, before heading to school behind books and teachers,

They will pass over their place,

For their parents to be added some fat meaning,

And inevitably the trade of flesh and coins will take place,

And Mugo was no fool,

He figured he might as well pass some god time,

His devoted wife was out of the country,

Fro further studies,

Mugo knew those studies covers a lot,

Including apparent adultery,

And the woman was no free,

She had feelings,

Others were suppressing the findings for him.



And when schools will be closed,

You will stay with uncle Musa,

A man of God,

Who chose celibacy,

So he can fully honor hailed Mariah,

You respected him so much,

And developed a liking for him,

For he was so kind,

So understanding.

You will normally pray together,

Sip the blood of Mariah's son,

Have a bite of His body too.

Like your sweet grandmother,

Uncle Musa wilt el you sweet narratives,

Pathetic and thrilling,

From the usual old school,

You cried and laughed,

Till the dead of the night,

On weekends you attended his sermons,

Marveled at his truth,

You agreed with him,

That the believers ought to learn how to love best,

Those who disrespect God.

So understanding was Musa,

He knew his ways out,

Stretched the narratives,

And like Jared, began tightening the hugs,

You returned with full strength,

Coiled with the love of a relation

And the fear of a man of god,

Inside-you were lonely,

You are no free either,

And uncle Musa understood-

So one night,

When the moon was bright,

And shone with its awesome beauty,

Glittering stars were amazing,

And padre Musa was charming,

Seemed harmless like a lamb,

He added niceties in your coffee mug,

And you were excited.

The world turned round and round,

Then uncle Musa had clubbed your breasts,

Teased you for a while,

And you had liked it,

The niceties made you like it,

You went straight for his thick sensuous lips,

You did it-not once,

And when you were heavy,

He kicked you out,

And you won't tell it out,

For he is your dawn uncle!

You aborted the thing,

And decided to repent once more………



Teacher Mugo was there for you,

He shouldered half your burdens,

Nursed the largest of your wounds,

Once more, the results were average,

You lamented not,

Again, they weren't yours,

Mugo's wife came back,

Faked the face of an angel,

Wiped out the numerous memories,

From abroad and wherever,

She fought so hard,

So she won't call Mugo Richards,

Spenser-her sweet, sweet darling,

From the heart of Rome,

Where he had ensured her pass,

And meaningful nights




You had known real pain,

You waited in rain,

For Mr. Right,

For his shadow to shine bright,

With al the vindictiveness,

Alongside seductiveness,

To cushion not the players,

With their mean layers,

That had ensured sleepless nights,

Unforgettable sights and insights,

Bitterness every second, every minute,

Nobody knew what you had gone through,

No one had the slightest hint,

Of what love did to you,

Except your inner self,

You remember you wrote every night,

With tears that kept you company,

Sighs that soothed your troubled soul,

The words slowly danced,

To the time tones of your mighty pen,

Your heart shed them huge words,

Without much fuss,

Without any reluctance whatsoever

I saw those words,

I read them words when you were away,

It was the other day,

Before that meeting in the evening,

So now I know…..




Silence is your newest partner,

Mama and your papa,

The only source of comfort,

The sole friend of yours,

It is long since you parted ways,

With them actual masters,

Who steered the real wheels,

And served the cakes from hell!

It is now years since you shook hands,

With their wicked smiles,

The swollen, empty promises,

Many waters have now run under the bridge,

Many horizons have come and gone in the ridge,

Many a days and nights dislike,

You've lived with a dislike,

You've fallen in love with the dove's whistle,

Silence has been your foe not,

The cold of an oven has been a dot,

In every crner of your wounded heart,

Love isn't your loveliest friend anymore,

It has ever caused you,

Strife and enmity of highest degree,

And I neither disagree,

For as sure as death is;

Same thing has happened to me.




Maam, this minute, I would love not,

To ask you to agree,

With mine candid sentiments,

Rather, I wish you to pen your heart,

For the very last time,

Give your inner self a second chance,

More forward meaningfully,

Neither do I ask you,

To trust me wholly-what I am asking,

Is a second trial,

A retreat to that usual unpleasant past,

Another bold walk to that horrible yesteryear,

Perhaps with much care this time round,

With a soul of a Goliath,

Bravery of David,

So you might withstand the storms,

Which I guarantee there wouldn't be,

Ah yes-Miss, I've been there too,

The revisit won't do anyone any harm,

We can learn to offer the unthinkable,

And set the record straight,

So our kids won't go through the same,

We will be doing all there,

For the sake of their tomorrow,

So they won't have a retreat to their inevitable past,

At least I was better off,

Before the world worked me out,

I remember those days with mama,

Any flattering step,

Was ever met with a spank,

A slap or a pinch on my plumb cheeks,

My defiant cries were the signboards,

Of the innocent world I lived in,

Her shrill voice still echoes,

Demanding that I grow accordingly,

So I could become a desirable seed someday,

Mama was my small, undiscovered planet,

She made mine days and nights,

A cushion against the dramas,

The icy bruises of fate,

That were in store somewhere,

Beyond the bleak tomorrow,

Often, she would wholly remind me of papa,

Then, a commoner in pubs and streets,

Drinking and drinking and drinking,

For this was his superb career,

Earring the unkind temper,

Of his once beloved with,

Of his beastly ego,

Joram his wild name,

Coiled with icy narratives,

A thousand tell tales,

That he was denying the hens,

A precious chance,

To spring forth yet another generation,

By ensuring consecutive absence,

Of newly born eggs!

When I got a little older,

Long way off,

Before I even knew I existed,

Daring such times when we thought,

The horizon beyond cherang'any hills,

Was the end of the world,

(And our dreams were that much vague)

Mama told me papa wasn't a desirable seed,

For he hardly imagined,

Beyond the merry gateman at Machewa,

Or the milk-boy at Mzee George's place,

That he had fancied,

Wasting her brains in the loo,

And burning his at mama-Pima's place,

Well-those are many years back,

Am grateful for she sowed the right seed in me,

Watered, nursed and nurtured,

Added niceties and watched with a sentiment eye,

Throughout the rugged terrains,

Stormy weather-so I see in me now,

Almost what she desired the most,




I know you were better off,

When mama was still alive.

You were not like skinny Media that I knew of,

I saw her this morning,

Her Mom's look wears not that kindness,

It used to wear those days,

She just feels like not wanting to,

But the body has to.

The spirit is too weak,

She is seven-young, innocent,

She hates the two miles to and fro,

Down the river,

With a bucket her size,

Or the three miles to the only Posho-Mill,

With a tin of a few maize,

It has been that way,

Any time she is not in school,

The weariness now hangs heavily,

As she sets off for the Posho-mill,

Then she will have to go to the river,

With an enemy stomach since the other day,

Now, as she stares at her once beloved mama,

She feels like crying-so she cries and cries and cries,

For she can't do a thing more,

Other than learn the robes of survival,

She is today a shadow of her former self,

No longer like any other child,

Sighs of humanity have left her all alone,

And mama no longer calls her,

Angel or fatty-

She long ceased seeing the tenderness,

She used to cause in the family,

Now, her mom regrets,

Little Andrea wouldn't been their last,

You see, there would've been no other additional mouth,

To assuage with the rare bread,

That hardly came by,

They want to love skinny Media,

But the times are s hard,

So, they only see her as a burden,

Placed squarely on their shoulders-

So I think she is not safe,

Not anymore.



Now I've got to know you,

Every nerve in my body knows you,

I can feel you with my inner passions,

Nobody will ever get to know,

The reason why I cry when alone,

Why my heart feels heavy,

So I don't know want to do more,

When I saw you this evening,

I knew you were the love of my life…

Now it will be my duty,

To make you wear not frown,

Your Mom and Dad never died,

They only passed away.

They will come back,

Like them too, we will be there,

At the right time,

When we will be ripe enough,

To bid eternal farewell,

To every good and bad,

We will have to pass away,

But before then,

We've to leave a mark behind,

A mark that will be a remembrance,

A foreshadow alike,

A reference for tomorrow,

For we are just but passers-by,

They were done with their earthly missions,

They endured the pains which comes with the mission,

They foiled and soiled afar,

They ever walked good,

So you have no good reason to forget them,

Even this night,

When the shadows of your girlfriends,

Will be miles way off,

You will hear yourself sigh,

In between your silent snores,

You will hear yourself think,

That they are alive and asleep,

And as you will be reading these words,

You will be looking forward,

To meeting them in the early hours of the morning,




Am waiting with Job's patience,

For that warm answer,

So we can zero our differences,

And hold a descend burial,

Of what unkind past,

We can forget it altogether,

Begin from anywhere,

And surge forward wholeheartedly,

I must confess that despite everything,

You remain the most wonderful thing,

The most precious gift I will ever embrace,

Girl-you've gorgeous,

You have a kind heart,

A great soul,

We can as well learn how it is to love once more,

For they say: of all greatest risks,

Is avoidance of risk itself!

We can forgive our wrongdoers,

Assume all they ever wished us,

Is neither sorrow nor bitterness

Rather, they wished us much, much happiness!

Our world be kids,

And those we set forth accidentally,

Can get to know the love of both parents,

The love we've lacked for years on end,

They will shake hands with the warmth we never had,

They will enjoy the care and comfort of both parents,

That they too, have missed for years,

Each one of us,

Will get a second chance,

A chance to rehearse the future we've been yearning for,

A chance to get hold of a kinder tomorrow,

That we never enjoyed,

A chance to love like we never did before,

A chance to prepare a fine tomorrow,

A brighter next year,

For our beloved kids,

We can start leaving a worthy mark,

That generation to come will lean against,

For comfort and strength,

Ours will be an unforgettable retreat,

No one else will wish to encounter,

Our unlucky mortal who ever lived,

In the hooks of desperation and eternal pain,

A pair whose nights and days,

Were spent in tears fought hard,

To forgive those who offended them,

And decided not to give in,

To the worldly pleasures,

To the beastly pressures,

That forever hanged in their necks,

A story Maam,

That will move Mosses,

That will rejuvenate the inner passion,

Of ever moving forward,

And never losing hope, in many a human being,

A story Maam,

That will give you desire to the hopeless,

That will awaken the ever meek,

And restore faith to the unbelieving!



How about a little slumber,

I mean, even if for as little while,

How about forgetting those hasty moments,

Those brilliant yearnings,

When the class representative, the school head-boy or head-girl,

Were our centered of interest,

When we would literary die so they would be ours,

We can forget those nice gifts,

And the obvious fact,

That likes them too:

We traded I coins and flesh,

Imagine a handsome overcool

A wholesome change of attitude,

And perhaps, a little faked gratitude,

For the downfalls they would cause us,

We can swallow hard, yet so easily,

The long nights they overstretched,

The dozens of drops,

The everlasting tears we shed,

We can shout in anticipation,

We can acclaim in repentance,

We can nod in appreciation,

With inner repentance,

Without any remorse whatsoever,

For we've learned a lesson,

Ours can be a better reshuffle,

For we've known where we err,

I know you were beginning to envy the dead,

They have no worries,

Do not feel the vibrations,

Neither do they hear the echoes,

The lamentation alike,

They hardly feel the resentment,

Do not yearn for our feels,

Are never envious of our wickedness,

Simply put: they do not care for a thing!

I, too, was beginning to envy the dead,

You see, these fellows are damn lucky,

Nobody will ever betray them,

Not a single soul will ever hurt them,

What they do is wonder about happily,

Laugh maliciously to our woes,

Jeer at our useless successes,

And wait for our unison with them,

But I realized I wasn't a successful failure,

So I decided not to allow them,

For it wouldn't only strengthened their zeal,

Their huge anticipation,

Of seeing the whole lot of us,

Eventually, we can say NO! To their call,

We can play deaf,

And tight to our last strengths,

So we can friendly carry the day.




My eyes are now heavy with sleep,

The candle are still going strong,

And the fire is still burning,

At least you've known half the real me,

You see, it was the bitterness,

And the inevitable human weakness,

I now wish I were dead,

As soon as last year,

For I can hardly forgive myself…..

Sometimes, I couldn't help avenging,

And for many months,

I was immersed in tricks them people play,

I knew it wasn't wise anymore,

To affix a sole occupant,

In my generous heart,

You see, there goes that other face of generosity,

Which do hurt sometimes,

I decided way not,

If say; I let more than one in,

I learned the robes,

For them to share both in my woes and merriment,

I started  betting,

Playing the dice game,

A mere spot of a vice so tender,

I took my time,

I weighed my well-calculated moves,

With a scenting eye,

I foresaw the entire drama,

I wanted to be the hero,

Greatest of all the dramatists,

And carry the day wanted not,

I got stuck to my once vehemently shaken tents,

The storms, hailstorms, whirlwind,

Came and went-went and came back once again,

Day in day out, day out day in,

I was there same as usual,

I learned the dirty tricks,

The golden skills,

And became more of a tiger,

Than the renowned puppy,

That was used to playing in the muddy water,

Inside-the real me kept writing,

For the right moments to strike,

For the descend opportune to pounce,

I sharpened the claws,

I wore the mask of solemnity,

And relied on sister fate to take its course,





I cared not, neither did the precious time,

It went by carelessly,

My losses overcome the intended gaining,

My yearnings hardly bore fruits,

The real winner was fate,

Many s times was seriously engaged,

In innumerous bargaining,

And what with the fierce fate,

The very date,

With mother nature,

That every now and then,

Seemed enraged, weird and unfriendly,

Obviously acting on the contraire,

To our well-laid-down rules,

Daring when we were dating each other,

I walked past the amendments,

I slithed not into the whole game,

I dodged the agreements,

No one could tame,

The other,

Nobody dared to bother,

Had to face its irate nails,

Wailed not for the bruises,

I was secretly trimming to avoid,

Ever came its seductions and luring myths,

I kept praying for time,

Not to fail me for another time,

At long last, at the end of it al,

It was nothing much more than vanity,

Had to every now and then,

Stare blankly at tomorrow-vicious and ominous,

I prayed and happened,

God answered my prayers,

Or so I convinced me troubled self,

When you came my way this evening……..




And if you will accept me this night henceforth,

I would lave with all the inner passion,

All the hidden desire,

All the endowed zeal,

To declare my genuine forgiveness,

With a surety of forgetting for good,

I do forgive all those who used your innocence,

In a manner we both disagree with,

And I can hope together as one,

We can learn the robes anew,

We can as well make sure,

Others don't go through what we've been through,

So they may fare well,

In the life here on earth,

So no one will defile their esteemed youthfulness,

So no one will mess up with their brilliant tomorrow,

The way others did with ours,

We can teach them the tricks,

The clever methodologies,

So they may ever sidestep their predators,

So they won't fall an easy prey,

We can fabricate foots and arms,

We can arm them adequately,

For here comes a tough war,

So they might come out as ideal victors.




Together as one, Maam,

We can tell them of the world they are in,

Of how many mean not well,

And the zeal of others,

To see them fall with a thud,

And never make up ever again,

We can open their inner eyes,

So they can ever see,

With less struggle,

And be able to discern their angels from their devils,

We can make them tread,

On the path less trodden,

Equip them with sufficient patience,

So they won't ever give up on the way,

We will have to,

Tell them of the real eaters,

Who will prefer hunger today,

And a giant relish someday,

We will not hide from them,

That they are their real enemies,

And more than two sided-friends,

We will have to, Maam,

No doubt we will discuss love,

Share it out with them,

With all the openness,

Of its hidden thorns,

The rare red roses,

The fake smiles, hidden, loud frowns,

The concerned unpleasantries,

The fear, the cold-in-waiting,

The dozens of disappointments,

Of how they do not love you,

Loathe you with unshaken zeal,

When they have sworn before millions,

That they will die for your love!

Of the situational side of it

And the inevitable horrid ending……




Am almost through,

I can hear the mongrels barking outside,

It is cold here,

I can feel the embrace of quietness,

I can hear the throb of my heart,

Its silent echo from a distance,

And the brutal, ear-splitting silence,

The wave of silence is strong here,

From every corner of my kennel-size bedroom,

Am fighting hard not to remember,

I would love, yes, to side with truth,

But am weighed down by the awesome burden.

Of discover yet again,

That it isn't my ally,

Like the other night,

We've enemies-I can feel its huge, tight-lipped smile,

What with the ailing inward?

The bitterness I had had to shutter,

When it left me in silence,

And the devil knows why she had to leave me,

At least the mercy of silence is kinder,

Am on its tender lap,

Nursing a mercy idea,

Of a new day-a brighter morning,

When you will receive this precious gift,

Perhaps things will urn ff. O.K.

Or maybe they won't even get any better,

But we can try all the same,

So it might not end so soon,

I know you too have the same feeling,

You will also love to try,

There is something in you that just,

Won't let it go,

You see, I love you, its no lie,

There is nothing more to it than love,

I hate it so much,

Seeing you sailing in weariness and sorrow,

All in the name of an unkind past,

You can love me tonight, when morning comes,

Give up the whole of yourself,

All for the same of genuine love;

Fall into my arms,

Most assuredly of much care,

And love from within my conscience!




I tell you for these few years I've lived,

I've gathered dozens of lessons,

And almost concluded we're here to suffer,

When we relay, it s just for a while,

There will follow severe tenure,

Heartache and sterna whining!

We will die a painful death,

Awakened up and assured into the impatient hereafter,

We will be burnt for an eternity,

And those who are lucky enough,

Must ensure all the pains of the earth,

In order to attain salvation,

Again, I've come to realize,

You should learn how to smile best to your enemy,

Frown loudly to a friend,

And to your sworn adversaries,

Keep them even closer to your heart!

Always strive not to err,

When you can't help,

Hurt a little and repent before dusk,

Well-one can as well say,

I‘ve done too little for too long,

It might be true-it might be false.

One can really never tell,

What with the tell-tale,

The stricken crusades,

Who are up to no good?

I wouldn't have loved to thumb my little chest,

I wouldn't have loved to promise you,

Hereafter, seventh heaven, stars, milky way,

Or even some undiscovered planets elsewhere,

But I had to, Maam,

I have to ask you a second chance,

A generous slice of you soul,

So I might as well be a co-owner,

And for yet another time:

The best thing since sliced bread!



I know it will be a real mirror,

That we will have to face,

We can never be sure,

Will never be sure,

Whether it will be real indeed,

By every genuine deed,

Or it might come on the wrong,

So we will need a complete make over,

Perhaps the past has killed many a dream,

It has no doubt drowned many a hope,

It has hurdle rekindled marred the inner passion.

The innermost desire,

To wake up in the morning,

And be able to see another day creep,

Another evening drift aware,

And let another day die silently,

True-our past hasn't demolished the desire,

To throw much noise on second liberation,

So we can be noble liberals,

Walk past the dark ages,

And relight the streets and corridors,

Of every other day after tomorrow,

Again we can go back into those corners,

Coiled with bits of laughter,

And restart a fresh from where,

We saluted not endurance,




I want this morning for the first donkey has sounded,

The genesis of dawn,

To believe in the thread of hope,

To abide by the hook of believing,

Even though it will be as hard,

As climbing mount Elgon barefooted!

Perhaps we are armed with bruised egos,

Or maybe blurred visions,

Of a lesser tomorrow,

An insignificant future,

Firmly embedded in the muscles of a horrible pats,

But that means not we're lesser mortals,

Yes, the bruises might be another Goliath,

When we know the David in us,

Won't swing the sling,

And sent the demon straight to hell!

The mist might be thick again,

We might be on the crossroad,

But this is the3 best time for us,

For we've now known where our strengths lies,

It is our ability to re-think, re-strategize once again,

And believing in the unthinkable, unachievable,

We do fight to the last minute,

So our rays of hope won't be ever shuddered,

Trodden upon by wild days,

Where sneers we've heard enough!




We will not need to go to the streets,

With placards and slogans,

With curses and insults,

Agitating for honesty and faithfulness;

You see, Maam, there in the streets,

We will meet mocking laughter,

Jeers and cheers alike,

A taste of a thousand things,

Including tear gas,

Police dog's bites,

Smashes of "rungus" –kicks, slaps,

The kind faces will only wonder what we mean,

You see, Maam, they will say we're late comers,

And not-so-kind ingredient,

That will done them people massive pleasure,

Some and they are many-

Will not lift a finger,

And would rather witness us hugged,

Until pronounced dead as dodo!




When morning comes,

We will have to commence a count down,

Of the meager pleasantries,

That ever trudged up our way,

We can learn how it is to forget,

The woes facing others,

Both in the light and darkness,

As they simply misbehave,

Like hens and peahens,

We will have to,

Learn how it is to pity,

The downfall of youthfulness,

As many a boy and a girl,

Swim carelessly with the smoke,

The fatal "keroro" and "ganja"

As they slowly murder their innocence,

Plunder their great treasures,

All in then name of a few coins,

Warmth of the heart,

In the expense of their dear lives!

We will have to,

Learn how hard it is,

To forget the inevitable betrayals,

From those w once adored,

Placed in places of small girls,

Mummies and god knows more!

Perhaps we may not learn altogether,

How sorrowful it is EMMY,

To walk again past old past,

Without much care,

Brush shoulders with the bruises too a little while,

Cry with all the loudness,

For everyone with ears to hear




Tomorrow our devils will come in the light,

Perhaps disguised like before,

As our truest angels!

And perhaps before we will get to smell a rat,

We will have welcomed them in our midst,

With joyous spirits and ecstasy,

Again, the light will lit the darkness,

And the poor darkness wouldn't realize a thing,

Well-dared, Mugo, Sarah, Sofia-will be no more,

Yet, their shadows will follow us, come our way with all the vigor,

In the name of our enemies,

Who will pause not-they will pose yes,

Like friends indeed!

And just like the other time,

They will pour lies,

Sway our tenets,

Long before our curious noses will smell a thing.




Now, more than ever before,

I would wish to be there,

To persist in your premonitions,

Fight hard to murder the image,

So we can face another tomorrow,

With renewed desire of a second trial,

A thousand and one denial,

A trial whose sole judge is time,

Witnesses are patience and tolerance,

It will not be a current fashion,

Of that old past they gave it to you,

Mine will be a current fashion,

Unattached to any situations,

Based on the turbulence of the former,

Wherever there will be room for doubt,

Hardly a place for tossing coins,

There also will be a place of gambling,

A little chat with that horrible past,

Perhaps for some worthy lectures,

On proper footprints to follow,

So we can as well cost the tricky future,

And win the hard heart over.



As we shall be taking the oath,

We shall wear no lings,

We will say not,

"That yes we do!"

Rather, "we shall try!"

There will be no priest, no clergyman,

Neither Best maid, nor Best man,

We will carry it out behind closed doors,

And the sole witnesses,

Will be the empty cause, the chairs, tables….

We will not drink to it,

We will wear not white robes,

And after someday,

We will move away from here,

To a safer zone in the distance,

Where horizons of hopes will forever see us,

Guard our unison for many years,

I must end there, EMMY,

Ive the silence beside you a tight hug for me!

See you tomorrow. Bye."




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Buy It Now for only: $22.95
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ANGELS EYES NATURAL Dog Tear Stain Powder Remover Angel Eyes
ANGELS EYES NATURAL Dog Tear Stain Powder Remover Angel Eyes
Time Remaining: 1d 21h 18m
Buy It Now for only: $32.47
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Angels Eyes Plus Dog Tear Stain Remover Beef Flavor 159 oz 2 Pack
Angels Eyes Plus Dog Tear Stain Remover Beef Flavor 159 oz 2 Pack
Time Remaining: 10d 23h 10m
Buy It Now for only: $34.94
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The Pet Health Supplies Below Are From Suppliers We Have Worked With For Years! | Angel Eyes Dog Tear Remover

Angels' Eyes Natural Tear Stain Eliminator Remover - CHICKEN (5.29 oz) 150 gram Angels' Eyes Natural Tear Stain Eliminator Remover - CHICKEN (5.29 oz) 150 gram
List Price: $21.30
Sale Price: $21.27
You save: $0.03 (%)


Angels' eyes natural is made with all natural active and inactive ingredients. The active ingredients in angels' eyes natural are a proprietary blend composed of natural antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti- inflammatory properties...

Mindful Pets Tear Stain Remover Combs for Dogs, Gently and Effectively Removes Crust, Mucus, and Stains Mindful Pets Tear Stain Remover Combs for Dogs, Gently and Effectively Removes Crust, Mucus, and Stains
Sale Price: $3.94


#1 TEAR STAIN REMOVER COMBS IN THE MARKET! We really want your little furry loved one to be comfortable during the day, feeling great, and looking incredible :) Many Shih Tsu's, Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frises, Boxers, and other dogs have problems with tear stains...

Always Bright Eyes -Tear Stain Remover for Dogs And Cats- Complete Set Includes 2 oz. Powder, 4 oz.Liquid And Application Brushes -All Natural- For Maltese, Shitzu, Yorkies, and Light Coated Breeds. Always Bright Eyes -Tear Stain Remover for Dogs And Cats- Complete Set Includes 2 oz. Powder, 4 oz.Liquid And Application Brushes -All Natural- For Maltese, Shitzu, Yorkies, and Light Coated Breeds.
List Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $34.95
You save: $5.00 (13%)


Tired Of Tear Stain? There is finally something that works! Always Bright Eyes is the culmination of 20 years of experience breeding Maltese by Alan and Veronica Fawcett AKA Always Maltese. The years of practical hands on experience of trying one product after another led them to develop products for themselves...

Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Eliminator-Remover, 2.65 Oz, Natural Chicken Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Eliminator-Remover, 2.65 Oz, Natural Chicken
List Price: $11.19
Sale Price: $11.15
You save: $0.04 (%)


Angels' eyes natural is made with all natural active and inactive ingredients. The active ingredients in angels' eyes natural are a proprietary blend composed of natural antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti- inflammatory properties...

Angels' Eyes PLUS Dog Tear Stain Remover, Beef 45g Angels' Eyes PLUS Dog Tear Stain Remover, Beef 45g
List Price: $13.22
Sale Price: $13.05
You save: $0.17 (1%)


Angels' Eyes PLUS Dog Tear Stain Remover, Beef 45g

Petpost | Tear Stain Remover For Dogs - Best Natural Eye Treatment For White Fur - Soothing Coconut Oil - Maltese, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua Angels Approved - Chemical And Bleach Free - 8 Oz. Petpost | Tear Stain Remover For Dogs - Best Natural Eye Treatment For White Fur - Soothing Coconut Oil - Maltese, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua Angels Approved - Chemical And Bleach Free - 8 Oz.
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $18.97
You save: $6.02 (24%)


#1 CHOICE FOR DOG LOVERS EVERYWHERE! We love our dogs - and we want to make sure that they wake up every day feeling happy, healthy, and looking beautiful. Unfortunately, many Maltese, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Boxers, Bichon Frises, and other dogs with light fur suffer from stains caused by mucus around the eye...

Angels Eyes Tear Stain Remover Natural Sweet Potato Flavor (2.65 oz) - 75 grams Angels Eyes Tear Stain Remover Natural Sweet Potato Flavor (2.65 oz) - 75 grams
List Price: $12.89
Sale Price: $11.99
You save: $0.90 (7%)


Angel's Eyes Natural is made with All Natural Active and Inactive Ingredients. The active ingredients in Angel's Eyes Natural are a proprietary blend composed of natural antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti- inflammatory properties...

Angel's Eyes Dog Supplies Tear Stain Remover 150G - Natural Chicken Angel's Eyes Dog Supplies Tear Stain Remover 150G - Natural Chicken
Sale Price: $44.90


AE Tear Stain Remover Natural 150g

Eye Tear Stain Remover for Cats & Dogs -100 Pre Soaked Cotton Pads - Best Natural Eye Crust Treatment for White Fur - No Chemical and Bleach Free-Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash Eye Tear Stain Remover for Cats & Dogs -100 Pre Soaked Cotton Pads - Best Natural Eye Crust Treatment for White Fur - No Chemical and Bleach Free-Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash
List Price: $49.90
Sale Price: $10.90
You save: $39.00 (78%)


Size:100 pcs #1 CHOICE FOR DOG LOVERS EVERYWHERE! Our special, extra-powerful solution contains the highest quality extracts from Coconut and Juniper Berry that: Gently Removes Mucus and Crust Formed Around the Eye Prevents Future Tear Stains from Forming Is Safe and Natural with No Harsh Chemicals or Bleach THIS PRODUCT IS NOT BLEACH!It is used regularly to eliminate staining...

Petpost | Tear Stain Remover Supplement for Dogs - Eyebright & Lutein Powder for Eye Tear Stain Treatment and Immune Support - Maltese Fur Angels Approved - 200 Grams (7 Oz.) (Cheese Flavor) Petpost | Tear Stain Remover Supplement for Dogs - Eyebright & Lutein Powder for Eye Tear Stain Treatment and Immune Support - Maltese Fur Angels Approved - 200 Grams (7 Oz.) (Cheese Flavor)
Sale Price: $26.97


#1 CHOICE FOR DOG LOVERS EVERYWHERE! We love our dogs - and we want to make sure that they wake up every day feeling happy, healthy, and looking beautiful. Unfortunately, many Maltese', Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Boxers, Bichon Frises, and other dogs with white fur suffer from stains caused by mucus around the eye...

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