Cat Memorial

Cat Memorial

Cat Memorial
My cat has passed away. I want to preserve it, perhaps mount it on a plaque.?

I thought of either having it stuffed and mounting it whole, or perhaps only its head like they do with deer and hang it on the wall, only it wouldn't be a trophy, it would be a memorial. Has anyone else got experience of this and can they give me any tips?
OK perhaps stuffing the entire cat is too weird then I'll go with the wall idea.

Okay, that's really whack. When I had to have my dear Miss Kitty euthanized three weeks ago (she was 18), I had her cremated, and her remains are in a sealed box that I put on one of her favorite resting areas. It's near the door to my apartment, so I can touch it when I come and go.

Tammy Is Cute ~ A Memorial Tribute To A Wonderful Cat! - UnifcationNow

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