Cat Sling Carrier

Cat Sling Carrier

Cat Sling Carrier
How do I get my cat out from under my brother's bed?

I took my cat to her annual exam today and the dr. palpated something that felt like her bladder but was in the wrong place. He then said, "oh there's your bladder." but then concluded that because she has cutaneous asthenia, it may cause her bladder to be able to stretch up there somewhat. He told me to palpate it after she peed and showed me how.

After I got home, I let my cat out of her carrier so she could go pee if she needed to and was told to go down and deliver my sister's ankle brace and sling down to her at work. I then had to take her to the emergency room. She has 3 broken bones.

While I was gone, my cat went under the bed and now she wont come out. I need to make sure she's okay.

It's entirely normal for a cat to hide when it feels stressed or frightened ... most likely the trip to the vet freaked her out a little.

Do you have some canned tuna or chicken? If so, put some on a plate and set the plate on the floor just outside the edge of the bed. Turn the lights low or off, and sit down near the plate ... and be very quiet and patient.

Hopefully the food will tempt your cat enough to come out of hiding. If not, though ... leave her alone and try again tomorrow. If you actively pursue her, you will just frighten her more. She'll come out when she gets hungry or needs to use the litter box.

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