Citronella Training Collar

Citronella Training Collar
What is the best shock collar?

I am at the end of my rope with my dog. I feel like I have exhausted all options. We've tried the Gentle Leader, citronella spray collars, praise, treats, and professional training. He is still wild, and now he's beginning to get a little aggressive with strangers. What is a shock collar that is both effective and cost effective. I would really like to spend less than $100, we've spent so much already.

**Please refrain from giving your negative opinion of shock collars. That would not be answering my question.

I too had my wits end once and did try a shock collar, he only had barked once with the collar and that was the end of it.. he never barked again while the collar was on. Weird this was about 15 years ago , I did NOT have to use the collar again, he must have been a FAST learner .. GOOD LU CK

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