Control Dog Barking

Control Dog Barking
dog barking control units.?

does anyone know if these ultasonic bark control units actually work. we have 4 dogs and they all set each other off when someone knocks at the door!

Try a 'Pet Corrector' spray. This was developed by Dr Roger Mugford. It is so simple, but really effective!

It is simply a can of compressed air, but when pressed briefly, gives off a loud hissing noise! I tried it, and it was great, and the effects almost immediate!! I had the same problem with two dogs who barked everytime they saw someone walk past the house. Just a quick blast from one of these cans creates a diversion, and distracts them for long enough for them to forget about barking!! Within a few days it had stopped the problem completely!! A small can cost about £3.75, they do make a larger one which costs about £8.00. I just tried the small one, which was enough, and I keep a can just in case I have any further problems.
You can buy it online from, or instore at Pets At Home.

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