Crate Training For Your New Puppy

Have you ever wondered if crate training might be right for your puppy or dog? Using a crate to train your new puppy is a very effective puppy training technique. Actually is does not matter if your dog is a puppy or a full grown dog, a crate will still be very useful at times.

Teaching your dog or puppy that his crate is his and his alone will have many benefits for you and your dog as well. Your dog will come to view his crate as his safe place to go whenever he likes and for you the crate gives you a place to put your puppy or dog when you leave the house.

Dogs have a tendency to display a lot of energy, thus calling for a fair amount or exercise. A high energy dog is highly susceptible to separation anxiety.

If your dog displays any type of separation anxiety crate training will become a necessity. It is not a rare occasion when a dog owner has gone out for the evening only to come home to torn up furniture, ripped down curtains and papers strewn all over the house.

Crate Training

Crate Training

Crate training your puppy is one of the easiest ways to potty train him as well. You need to be sure that the crate is just slightly larger than your puppy because he will soon learn that he does not want to pee or poop where he sleeps.

To make your job easier you will want to introduce your puppy to his crate as soon as you bring him home.

You do not want to use the crate to punish your dog, your goal is to make his crate his own special place. The last thing you want to do is to associate a negative experience with your dog's new home.

The Benefits of Crate Training Your Dog

Your dog needs to know that he has a place all to his own. When your dog is trained to use his crate that becomes his special place. Dogs that have been raised using a crate to train them to follow certain behaviors come to grow an attachment to their crate and they begin to feel safe inside them.

There are many times you may find your dog retreating to his crate out fear such as a thunder storm or loud yelling in the house hold.

Puppies are rambunctious little dogs and when you are not around they can get into a lot of trouble so having a crate to keep him in at times can prove to be extremely beneficial.

As soon as you bring a new puppy into your home you should introduce him to his new crate and get him as used to it as soon as possible. When you first start crate training your new puppy try to make is a fun of an experience as you possibly can.

Never just bring him home, throw him in the crate and lock him in as this will have lasting negative association with the crate and your puppy will forever fear going near it.

You want to get into the habit of praising your dog every time he goes in his crate on his own, it is good practice to leave the crate open while you are at home. Place the crate in a part of the home where he will feel like part of the family, do not isolate him in a corner of back hall if you do he will never want to go use his crate.

When you first begin crate training your puppy he may not take to it right away, you need to remember he is young and probably a little scared and intimidated.

The first few times he spends more than 15 minutes or so in the crate he may begin to whine or cry and this is one of the hardest times for you the owner because your first instinct is to let him out and comfort him but this would be a terrible mistake.

If you let your puppy out when he begs he is going to think that all he has to do to get out of his crate is to start whining and yelping. You need to be strong, give him some time and he will quiet down and then about 15 or 20 minutes of him being quiet you can let him out and praise him and give him lots of love.

Unless you want your puppy to associate his crate with negative behavior you should never put him in there for long periods of time.

Always start out with around 10 minutes or so and then gradually build up from there. The only time that he should be in the crate for extended periods of time is when it is time for the family to sleep or if you leave the home.

Crate training will help your puppy know his own space inside the house. Using a crate is great for potty training purposes because dogs generally do not like to do their job where they sleep. Most dogs prefer to sleep in den-like spaces.

This explains why your puppy crawls under the bed or the table. Positioning the crate in such a space will coax the puppy to use it.

If your puppy is in his safe place, he will naturally not have destructive tendencies as seen in puppies who feel insecure in their environment. Puppies get anxious when left alone, this is where crate training can have some great benefits.

Crate Training Your Puppy Without Making Him or Her Scared Is Essential For Building A Loving Relationship Between You And Your Pet!

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Hey, I recently started reading your blog – thanks for the good work. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not displaying properly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Bold). Anyway, I’m now subscribed to the RSS feed on my PC, so thanks!


Anita Platt

Hi Jack,

Thank you for the nice comments I am very happy that you find the information I supply helpful.

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Hi Anita,

How are you sweetheart? I just want you to know that Ginger is doing terrific and we all just love her so much.

She loves her crate now and it is perfect for when we take her places. We have to bring her with us every time we visit our granddaughters, they just love to play with her and she just loves it as well.

We look forward to seeing you in January. You and your family have a wonderful Christmas I know it is going to be extra special for the two of you being that it is your Daughter’s first.

Give Grant our love and we hope and pray he continues to get better.

We Love You!
Christine and Charles


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