Discount Pet Beds

discount pet beds

discount pet beds
do students get discount on vet bills?

im not sure if my dog is ill as he has recently started wetting the bed, i took him to the vet and he had his prostate checked and two urine samples analysed. this cost £180. i know you shouldn't have a pet unless you can afford it, i can afford it its just a big chunk of money. especially when ive already paid for castration and a hernia and puppy injections etc etc.
a friend said he thought you could apply fo cheap pet care if you was exempt from council if you are on benifits
actually darrren m i dont drink, smoke or spend hardly any money on new stuff, so stop tying all students in with the same brush. ive got my own house and a good job, i pay over 150 quid a month in taxes-just seeing if i could get any back. AND ive already paid out for about £800 in vet fees without a second thought- to be honest my dog probably has a better life then you

I am a student too - unfortunately you cannot get a discount. Talk to the vets though - many of them will let you have a payment plan to spread the cost.

Little Buddy, PI lolcat Mystri of teh Pet Bed, Episode 1

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