Discount Pet Grooming Supplies

discount pet grooming supplies

discount pet grooming supplies

Discount Pet Supplies On The Web combines a carefully designed, easy to use site with a focus on providing only high-quality, healthy products for dogs and cats-including organic pet food, name-brand medicine, healthy treats, organic supplements for pets, professional grooming tools and long lasting toys to keep pets happy and healthy.

"After careful review of all the competition, it was really hard to find top-quality products amongst all the other stuff," said Meridith Small, Internet Marketing Manager. "Even though there are a lot of big box retailers out there selling tons of pet supplies, it's difficult for pet owners to find unique specialty items for their loved ones. We couldn't walk away from a real opportunity to provide the best and the brightest in a friendly, easy-to-use format, and we achieved that with"

Because of recent scares like tainted pet food coming out of China, the online pet-supply market has seen a spike in growth over the last three years. The increasing popularity of the dietary supplement market is also having an impact, with manufacturers consistently adding new items to their pet categories. More veterinarians are also beginning to connect large health concerns to the poor diets and poor nutritional content of your typical pet food.

Your Online Pet Supply also offers consumers who sign up for emails the chance to take advantage of weekly promotions and product spotlights, as well as stay informed on news and information with a monthly e-newsletter.

Overall, makes shopping for pet supplies as easy and quick as possible. "We have a wide selection of premium products, our website is easy to use and it's more convenient to order from us than being forced to make the trip to a retail store," explained Andy Conners, Director of Market Research. "We deliver the best pet products straight to your door without any hassles."

The best pet care begins inside the home. By giving you with the tools and know-how to perform easy procedures and safe preventive healthcare measures - like regular dental care, pet vaccinations, and diet management - you will save money and above all your pet gets consistent care when he/she needs it.

We strive to save pet owners money so they can afford to give their pets the products they need and deserve as a cherished member of the family. Our prices are typically lower than any big chain pet store, and you'll find that our quality is superior to any big chain store as well.

It's not surprising that American pet owners spend about twelve BILLION on their pets every year. Nationally, there are about 50 million pet dogs and 56 million pet cats, according to the company. More than half of all U.S. homes have some kind of pet.

Your Online Pet Supply offers a better way to shop for your dogs and cats. The company specializes in offering the best pet products available, including organic pet food, healthy treats, natural pet supplements and the same tools grooming professionals use. At premium online pet store-you will find more than 500 of the finest products available for your favorite dogs and cats.

PediPaws - Pet Grooming Clipper As Seen on TV

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