Dog Aggression – How To Get It Under Control!

Dog Aggression – How To Get It Under Control!

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Dog AggressionDog aggression can be a serious problem, not only in that they may seriously hurt someone but as a legal issue as well so learning how to control your dog's aggression should be of major concern.

Dogs by their very nature are aggressive animals but of course that was before man began to domesticate them. Most domestic dogs do have that aggressiveness that they once needed in the wild as this has been brought under control over hundreds of years of selective breeding. Although there are certain triggers that can send a dog into an aggressive mode and this is why training is so imperative.

Dealing With Dog Aggression

If you get your dog as a puppy you have a much better chance of taking control of the aggression just by dealing with it at the first sign. Dogs are pack animals by nature and they are used to be a part of a hierarchy so you as the owner need to establish dominance over your dog right from the start. If your dog has it in his head that he is the alpha male, controlling his aggression will have its difficulties.

Certain breeds of dogs have a greater tendency to be aggressive so if you have young children or you live in a populated neighborhood and confinement is a problem you should absolutely consider not allowing such a breed into your family. Before getting a dog it would be best to check with your veterinarian as he should be able to give you a good list of the dog breeds that tend to be more aggressive.[affmage source="clickbank" results="4"]Dog Training[/affmage]

If you already have a dog and he is displaying aggressive behavior you first need to isolate the reason or the cause of your dogs aggression. Some dogs become very territorial and they may show aggression when a stranger of another animal invades their space. If you catch this happening and you cannot get control of the situation you should pen your dog up in a way that no one can enter his space and it needs to be secure enough that he may not get out of the pen. In this type of situation you still need to show your dog some love and attention so you are not going to want to tie him up in the corner of the back yard and just leave him there the majority of the time because if you do this he is going to take off the first chance he gets and that could cause some real problems.

You should either train your dog to remain within the bounds of an electric fence or put in an above ground fenced in area. You should make it large enough so that your dog may get adequate exercise and you should give him toys and things to play with. The last thing you want to do is associate your dogs new area with punishment or anything that he may perceive as being some type of negative reinforcement.

You Can Dog Aggression Under Control

Dog aggression can be a problem when it comes to his food. Many dogs will show aggression when protecting their food and this is not breed specific. You want to do your best to discourage this type of behavior, if you catch him in the act you need to respond quickly by letting him know that his behavior will not be tolerated. You can try taking his food from him and then setting it back down and then try removing the food while he is eating and if any dog aggression is shown you must discourage it once again, if you keep working with him on this eventually he will relate his bad behavior with the loss of his food.

The key to handling dog aggression is dealing with the problem as soon as it appears, if you find that you cannot control your dog's aggression then you should employ a professional dog trainer as they are much more equipped to deal with dog aggression.[affmage source="clickbank" results="4"]Dog Aggression[/affmage]

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