Dog Breeds Available

Dog Breeds Available

Dog Breeds Available
I want the largest dog available. What is it?

What, on average, is the largest breed of dog? I am talking an average of both weight and height, but height is more important than weight.

So, what breed would that be?
Edit: Everyone accusing me of "not doing research" are sort of amusing me.

What do you think I'm doing RIGHT NOW?! = O!!!
Additional edit: I am not looking for an "intimidating" dog, per say. I am not interested in Rotties, doberman or Pittbuls, while Rotties are in fact big dogs.

I am thinking Great Dane, now. They seem to have the nicest temperment of the mentioned dogs.

The largest (tallest) dog is the Great Irish Wolfhound. My sister had one and its was gentle giant, but a bit clumsy to have inside.
But they are not the heaviest though, I believe that label belongs to the Saint Bernard. A cousin had two that weighed 83kg and 86kg (around 180 - 190 lbs)
Hope that helps.

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