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dog groomer supplies

dog groomer supplies
Business Plan for a dog wash.............?

I have figures on cash flow, monthly expences, yearly expences, income, supply costs and monthly to yearly maintenace. How do I go about getting proof of these figures? Will I need actual papers to show financial statments. I am a little confused on what to do here about these figures when there is one independant full service groomer in town along with only 2 vets. I am in a very small town.

Well.....where did you get the figures in the first place?

Many things aren't black and white. If you ask two experts the same question, you are like to get two different answers. The same is true with whatever resources you used in your research.

If you got the info from the full service groomer, then simply state that's where you go the info. It is a reasonable resource in your situation.

If you are creating a business plan for a bank loan, don't forget you need to show there is a demand for your proposed business in your community. That means surveys of your potential customer base. In a small town, are there enough people with dogs that are not outside dogs, and that they don't want to wash at home badly enough to pay the high cost of using professional facilities.

You had the right idea asking here what people would like to see in a dog wash, but take it to the local level.

Have you checked these resources:

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