Dog Leash

Dog Leash

Dog Leash
Where can I get a dog leash that goes around my dogs nose ?

I saw one on it's me or the dog but she didn't say where to get them, I live in Australia so I don't have wal-mart or anything like that only kmart, target etc. I have tried eBay but none where found when I searched. Pleeeeeaaaase help I am sick of my dogs pulling, don't say that's my fault for not training them coz my mum walks them and constently let's them pull her. Thanks
i dont need a muzzle, that is for dogs to stop biting, i need help with pulling, but thanks anyway, i'm not dumb.

the boxer on its me or the dog stoped so it should work.

I searched for you and found a couple. You need to search for ''dog headcollar"

Try the link below to see if this is what you are looking for. The second link has different sizes in this seller's shop.

National Lampoon's Vacation - Dog Tied To Bumper

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