Dog Obedience Easy To Follow Instructions

Dog Obedience Easy To Follow Instructions

Teaching dog obedience does not have to be extremely challenging if you follow some simple guidelines.  Dogs by nature are pack dwellers. They want to adjust in the group they live in. thus they try to please the human "pack" members. This trait helps us with teaching dog obedience. It is also very important to let the dog know who the "alpha" (the dog owner) is and that he has to obey his commands. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Dog Obedience

That's Dog obedience!

Training your dog to sit on command. When it comes to dog obedience this is the probably the first command most trainers and owners start with when training your dog. Make your dog stands in front of you, apply gentle pressure on his hind as you give the command to sit. Do this a couple of times to get him familiar to the word sit. Reward him with a treat every time he does it properly. He will learn this command in no time. However it is your job to keep reinforcing the command.

Second in line would be training your dog to stay on command. Dog obedience would not be complete without the execution of the "stay" command. In a firm voice ask your dog to stay in the position he is in. At first you will have to show this to him by physically holding him down. Once he knows the command, you can train him to "stay" even when there are a lot of distractions. Do remember to reinforce this command by treating him.[affmage source="clickbank" results="4"]dog obedience[/affmage]
When your working on dog obedience. the "come" command is one of the more simple commands picked up by the dog. Here again use must use a firm voice. Although, you can even whistle or make a sound that he will be able to associate with the command, it is important that you stay consistent. Normally gesturing works best to teach a dog to come. Do not use the "come" command when you are angry at your dog. This will make him associate the word with your disapproval.

Dog Obedience - Training Your Dog Or Puppy

Dog obedience commands are not written in stone, so you should be prepared to be flexible enough to try a few different types of commands. Gesturing again can make the dog learn this command. You can also put him on a leash and make him go from one place to another while repeating the command. Use of treats is very effective here with this approach.

No is probably the most important dog obedience command you should teach your pet as early as possible. Say "no" in your most firm voice whenever he does something he is not supposed to. Reprimand him with it every time he poops or pees in the house. He has to associate this command with unacceptable things. Consistency is so important when training your dog, you should find a command that works and stick with it.  Yelling at the dog will not teach him anything. It will only confuse him. He may get scared and start dreading his dog obedience sessions with you. Use positive methods of praising and treating your dog and you will find you will have much better results.[affmage source="clickbank" results="4"]dog obedience[/affmage]

Remember, dog obedience cannot be taught in effectively, in long drawn out sessions. Your dog will lose interest and patience and your time will basically be wasted. When you are working on dog obedience you should try to do it in 15 minute segments.

Use the commands as frequently as possible with the dog to familiarize him with them. If he is unable to grasp a certain command, maybe you should try a different approach. Make training sessions fun with him. Dogs are bundles of joy. You will soon see that it is very hard to be angry with a dog who is desperately trying to please you.

Look at your dog obedience sessions as a time where you can connect with your pet in a positive way. You will find a well trained dog is much more enjoyable.

Dog Obedience - Train Your Dog To Sit, Down, Stand

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