Dog Show Grooming Supplies

dog show grooming supplies

dog show grooming supplies
What should i bring to a dog show if i am showing my dog?

I have food, drinks, grooming supplies, my dog's show slip, my dog, her cage, and chairs, but what else should i bring?

Treats (bait) for the ring?
An ex-pen is a handy thing, especially at outdoor shows.
A toy?
Don't forget the judging schedule and map.
Don't forget the bowl/pail for water.

If it's an outdoor summer show, you may want to bring a towel that you can soak for her to stand onat ringside, or a spray bottle with cold water so you can soak her feet and tummy, or squirt some water in her mouth.

Remember in the ring that unless you are being judged make sure she has the shade, if necessary stand so she is in your shadow. The dog's welfare ALWAYS comes first.

If you have a breed that's tabled, and the table is in the sun, check the top before putting her on it to make sure it is not too hot.

Heve fun!

Grooming your Powderpuff - Part 1

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