Dog Supplies Heartworm

dog supplies heartworm

dog supplies heartworm
Can my 11-lb. dog still take his old heartworm meds if the box says they are for dogs 2-10 lbs.?

Two months ago I bought a 6-month supply of Sentinel heartworm/flea preventative tablets for $60. The tablets I bought are recommended for dogs 2-10 lbs., but my puppy is now up to 11 lbs. Do you think I can still get away with giving him the Sentinel tablets, or are those weight guidelines pretty strict?

I of course don't mind buying more tablets, but if I can save time, money, and a trip to the vet, that would be good too :-)

FYI, the puppy is a 7-month-old mutt (Jack Russell x Silky Terrier).

Lastly, I bought Sentinel because that's what the vet recommended, but if you know of anything that's effective and comes at a lower cost, I'd love to get some recommendations.

take the old meds back to your vet. they should be able to switch them out for you for the proper dose. you never want to play around with giving too little heartworm medication. and as far as worrying about giving too much, you would have to give more than an entire box to cause problems, but not enough is just that. not enough. better to be safe than sorry. you could also double up on your prevention until you can exchange the product.

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