Dog Training Basics Building A Bond Between You And Your Pet

Dog Training Basics some straight forward dog training tips that can help to create the bond between you and your pet a strong and loving one.

Dog Training BasicsDogs are faithful loyal companions that enrich our lives in many ways. For example, dogs can herd sheep, guard the house and act as guides for the blind.

Although specialized training is needed for law enforcement, search and rescue and assistance for the disabled, Dog Training Basics for a family pet is essential for raising a happy, well adjusted dog.

Training a puppy can start as early as 8 to 10 weeks of age, and housebreaking is one of the first things to be taught. A treat or other reward given when the pup has gone to the bathroom outside will help speed the process.

Two of the most basic commands involved in Dog Training Basics are sit and stay. Be sure you have your dog’s attention by holding a treat or favorite toy just out of his reach.

Firmly give the command “Sit!” while gently pressing down on his hindquarters. When he does sit, shower him with praise and give him the treat. Once your dog has learned to sit, the stay command naturally follows.

While your dog is sitting, place a treat on the ground a few feet away. As he starts to move toward the treat, remove it and say “Stay!” The dog eventually learns that moving results in no treat.

Dog Training Basics - Improving Your Dog's Behavior In And Out Of The Home!

Once the dog does not move, give him the treat as a reward for staying. Sometimes a command learned indoors may not work outdoors. For example, the dog may know the sit command happens in the kitchen, but in the backyard it is confusing to him.

The command may need to be taught again in new situations. Dog Training Basics - successful dog training requires repetition and positive reinforcement.

Dog Training Basics The Simple Commands

One of the most important areas of basic dog training is teaching your pet to come. Inside the house with dog treats in hand, back up a few steps and call out the command “Come!” Praise the dog as he approaches, and reward him with a treat.

Dog Training Basics - training your dog to come while outside will take time and patience. Running free to explore is very tempting, and the key is teaching the dog that you are much more attractive than temporary freedom.

Too many people punish an escaped dog once they catch him, but this only teaches your pet to not come and this can really hinder your dog training sessions. This essential command can save a dog’s life if he starts to run onto a busy road.

Dog training is crucial to keep your pet well behaved. Dogs that are a nuisance can irritate the neighbors who may call an animal control officer for assistance. Training your dog will build communication and respect between a dog and his owner.

Obedience training should be taught to every dog that will be a beloved family member for years to come. Dog Training Basics it is very important that dog training does not turn into dog punishment.

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