Training Your Dog Using An Electronic Collar

Electronic Collar - Training Your Dog Safe And Effective!

Electronic Collar

Electronic Collar

Training a dog with an electronic collar is very simple once you have learned the basics. Such a collar uses a small static electric like shock to teach dogs which behaviors are acceptable, and which need to be avoided.

These tips can help you teach your pet to behave quickly and easily.

There are many reasons that you may want to train your dog with an electronic collar. First, the safety of your pet depends on his ability to follow your commands.

This is especially important if you live in an urban area, where the dog risks running into a busy street. An electronic collar can help you train your dog to follow your commands quickly as they are very effective and safe.

Your dog's electronic collar works by delivering an unpleasant shock that is similar to static electric. The shock isn’t painful, but it is unpleasant enough to help you teach your pet which behaviors are acceptable and the collars are extremely safe.

Electronic Collar - One of The Fastest Methods For Dog Training

Before you begin training your dog with the use of these collars you must decide on the training commands that you will use on a consistent basis. You will want to remember the specific command words, such as “come” and “quiet”, and use them consistently or you may simply confuse your dog.

Training sessions should always first begin without the use of the shock collars, you may find that it is possible to train your dog without the use of these collars.

Typically, you will begin using the dog electronic collar on the lowest setting but this is really dependent upon the dog breed and size. Most pet owners find that the lowest setting is effective in training their dog.

If your dog isn’t responding to training on the lowest level, move up the settings incrementally to find the lowest setting possible that your dog responds to.

Training Your Dog Using An Electronic Collar

A dog electronic collar works by conditioning the dog to associate the undesirable behavior with an unpleasant stimulus (the shock). You may find that your dog begins following your commands within just one or two training sessions, or you may need to work with him a little longer to see results.

You should be aware that you do not necessarily have to use the collar for them life of the dog, in many cases you can use the collars while you are initially training your dog but once he learns the commands you will definitely want to see how well he does without the use of the collar.

In general, a dog electronic collar is the quickest way to train a dog, however. Most dogs are very receptive to conditioning, and really want to please their owner. You may even want to combine positive reinforcement with the use of the collar. You can do this by offering the dog a reward when he engages in desirable behavior.

You may be surprised to find that your dog's shock collar is fine as a standalone training aid. There are many different training methods that you may wish to try before resorting to the use of the electronic collar.

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