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hunting dog supplies

hunting dog supplies
What would you feed this dog?

"Walker" came to us as a stray from an Indian Reserve. He was tolerated there until he started foraging through garbage for food. We have learned from the lady that rescued him that he lived mainly on live snakes, crickets, grasshoppers, garbage and roadkill.
Now we have a problem. His growth has been stunted an he barely eats any dog food that we give him. He is one and a half years old and we have only managed to get his body weight up to 65 pounds. Currently he is at 62 pounds and dropping.
Our question is - what can we feed him that he will actually eat? Obviously, his old diet is out of the question. We can give him deer meat but that won't last long as we don't hunt and the supply around here is rather limited. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Thanks for all the answers so far. We never heard of most of these foods. He's been with us a year - all shots - perfectly healthy - just 5-6 pounds underweight.

I would feed him a prey model raw diet.

I struggled with Bindi's weight for 2 years trying to get her to eat commercial dog foods, it just wasn't happening, and she looked like a skeleton with fur. She was always found healthy by the vet on numerous exams. She's now thriving on prey model and has put on much needed weight.

I think your first stop should be the vet to make sure there aren't any medical issues causing his lack of appetite and weight loss. If he's found healthy, I'd go with prey model raw.

Hunting Dog Training (Pre-Training Part 1)

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