Large Dogs

Large Dogs

Large Dogs
Can frontline plus for large dogs be used on my cats?

Ebay has sellers selling large dog frontline plus flea control to be used on cats. They provide a small vial to store the frontline in and a syringe to administer the correct amount, 0.5ml for cats. The large dog frontline contains 4ml so you get 8 doses for cats. My question is, does the dog frontline plus contain the same ingredients as cat frontline plus and is it safe for my cats? Thanks!

NO_NO_NO---Something that people do not know is that dog frontline if used on cats WILL KILL THEM!!!--I work as a vet assistant -we have seen a few cases of people who did not bother to ask or accidentally put the wrong one on their cats--they will die if you use it on them!--I am glad that you care enough to ask!

hope this helps!

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