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What do you think is the best heartworm or flea prevention at a reasonable price?

My dog is now on Sentinel but I want something in addition that kills PetMeds Advantageprevents adult fleas so I can take her to the dog park.

I have two dogs so I am thinking of using Petmeds instead of purchasing them from the vet.

I think Sentinel is the best product. I use it for all my dogs. As long as you use Sentinel you will never have a flea infestation in your house because it's a flea contraceptive.

Sentinel isn't cheap but it's a good product and worth the money.
In Australia we can buy Sentinel online and it's much cheaper than buying from the vet.

For any hitch hiker fleas they pick up in the park you can give them a Capstar tablet. That will kill any fleas on the dogs within 1/2 an hour.

If I'm bringing a rescue dog home I give them a Capstar tablet before I put them in my car so they don't bring fleas into the house.

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