Playpen Dog Cat

Playpen Dog Cat

Playpen Dog Cat
Is it possible for me to get a puppy if I am not home? PLEASE HELP?

I dont get home till really late and neither does my girlfriend. We want a puppy (a maltese or yorkie) and were thinking about litter-box training it like a cat. Is this possible? I am free on the weekends and have 1 month off every few months because I am in school. Would it be possible (and ethically OK) to get a puppy, keep it in a large playpen with lots of toys, put a dog litter box in the opposite corner of its bed and food and leave it the whole day during the week?

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It is possible for little dogs to use litter boxes. However, puppies need a lot of attention! It takes a while to get them trained and it seems like you don't have that kind of time to devote to a new dog. I suggest you go down to the local no-kill animal shelter and find yourself a cute little mutt that has already been housebroken and trained. The alternative solution is to get a pet that does not demand so much attention. A cat might be a better pet for you and your girlfriend.

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