Potty Training Your Pooch!

Potty Training Your Pooch!

Potty TrainingPotty training your new puppy or dog can be challenging but if you follow some proper guidelines you should have no problem. Potty training should begin as soon as you bring your new puppy into your home. There will be accidents and many moments of frustration; however, you and your puppy can succeed at this necessary life lesson by following some tested and proven tips.

When you bring your puppy home it's important that you introduce him to the area in which you want him to go potty. Your new puppy will learn to go potty where you would like him to go much faster if you always bring him to the same area for him to do his little duty. Another trick or tip that you can use is to make the area in which you want him to go potty appear different than the surroundings. Dogs have a very strong sense of ownership so by making the area special to him he will develop a type of ownership of the potty area which will make potty training much easier.

Potty Training Tips For Puppies!

Teaching the command "outside" is very important. This command should be spoken firmly to your puppy or dog if he happens to have an accident in the home. When your pup does have an accident in the house and you catch him in the act you should state the command and then swiftly carry him out to his special area and if he finishes his deed you should bestow lots of praise upon him as this will really help to associate the area with the deed.[affmage source="clickbank" results="4"]Puppy Training[/affmage]

Elimination on command can also be taught when potty training. You should choose a simple command for this and be sure that everyone who is involved with potty training your pup consistently uses the same command. Quick praise should always be lavished on your puppy when he achieves milestones in his training. As long as you have patience and you stick to the same routine you will be successful in teaching your pup to go potty on command.

Potty Training Your Puppy

It is extremely important that you give your puppy or dog lots of love and attention each and every time he signals you in some way to go outside so that he may go potty. You will find it to be very helpful when potty training to keep track of your pups schedule such as his sleeping and eating habits and most importantly his potty times. If you happen to notice your pup goes potty within a few minutes of eating or waking from a nap you can take the initiative to encourage him to go.

Never use punishment when potty training your puppy, using punishment during any type of training exercise will only have a negative affect upon the training of your dog. Punishment only confuses and scares your dog. Then he will be likely to have more indoor accidents than before.

If you follow the mentioned tips, while maintaining a good routine and displaying lots of love, and attention; just when you feel like he will never get it - puppy will surprise you one day in his potty training efforts. This will be the first time he asks to go outside to use his very own potty![affmage source="clickbank" results="4"]Dog Training[/affmage]

Potty Training Your Pooch To Go On Command!

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