Puppy House Training Tips – 4 Easy Steps!

Puppy House Training Tips - Four Easy Steps To Follow To Have A Perfectly Training Puppy!

Puppy House Training TipsPuppy House Training Tips broken down into four basic steps to help you achieve fast and lasting results.

We all know how darn cute puppies can be and in a lot of cases their cuteness overshadows all the realities that come with owning a new puppy.

Of course it does not take long for the needs of a new puppy to begin to surface, actually they begin to appear on the very day you bring home your new little bundle of joy.

In the first week or so your puppy will require the most attention out of his entire life as he/she is going through a massive change in their life and if you put yourself in their paws for a moment I think you will see what I mean.

However these four easy puppy house training tips should get you off to a wonderful start and it will bring you closer with your new family member you you ever thought possible.

First off let me explain the intention of this article. When I state that I will be giving you four puppy house training tips the first thing to pop into your mind is probably potty training your puppy and although potty training is a big part of the responsibilities associated with owning a new puppy it is only one aspect of puppy house training.

The Four Main Aspects Of Puppy House Training Tips

Normally I would start off first with potty training but that would be too obvious so I will lay out these four house training tips a bit differently even though they are all equally important.

One part of your house training will require teaching your puppy all the basic commands such as come, stay and sit. Of the three the one that can be most frustrating when not taught right away is "come" and this could potentially by the most dangerous for your puppy.

If you fail to train your puppy to come on command right off the bat it will become more difficult with age. This is why I chose to put this command at the top of my list of puppy house training tips.

If your puppy refuses to come when called and say you are playing in the yard his first tendency would be to run in the opposite direction which could be right into the path of an on-coming car so you can see the importance of getting this under control from the very start.

The second on my list of puppy house training tips is to teach your puppy to how to remain under control when left alone.

Many dog owners end up with dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and this causes them to have erratic behavior when left alone and they can cause quite a mess.

However you can avoid this if you train your puppy as soon after you get him/her as possible.

This puppy house training tip is rather easy to handle as all you have to do is establish a small section in your home that the puppy knows is his own place.

The best way to go about this is to use crate training from the very beginning.

Puppies feel comfortable within a crate that is just slightly larger than they are and if they are trained to sleep in their crate it will make it mush easier for them to stay in the crate when he/she must be left alone.

Puppy House Training Tips That Will Improve Your Life And Your Puppies!

Third on my list of puppy house training tips is socialization. A puppy should be allowed to play with others in the home again as soon as he enters your family.

If it is at all possible try to have your puppy spend time with other dogs as well.

A well socialized puppy will be a happy and gentle puppy whereas a puppy that has had very little socialization can turn to being aggressive towards people he is unfamiliar with and this is something you do not want to have to deal with later on.

Now last but certainly not least is potty training. If you potty train your puppy beginning from day one it will make your life much easier and it will make owning your new puppy even that much more enjoyable.

You will find dozens of articles on this site that deal specifically with potty training a puppy or a full grown dog for that matter so if you have any questions about how to begin just look under the "Articles" section of this site and you will find just what you need.

So, There we have it four easy puppy house training tips that will certainly make your life and your puppies life much easier right from the start.

If you would like more in depth training instructions a terrific resource is Kingdom of Pets - Secrets To Dog Training I highly recommend them as they can help you solve any pet related issue.

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When potty training a puppy it is necessary to use a trigger word that the pup will recognize as a call to “do their business”. Which is why my adorable lab pup now responds to the call , “Hey , Bear, need to take a Palin?”


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Go to this link. Lots of puppy training info.


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