Shock Collar

Shock Collar

Shock Collar
Is it ok for a puppy to wear a shock collar?

My dad wants to put a shock collar on my 3 month old puppy because she won't stop barking! I keep telling him that he shouldn't do that and its not right for her but he won't listen. Please give your honest opinion on shock collars for this situation. The person with the most back up on what they think will get the 10 points. Thanx.

I wouldnt put shock collars on ANY dog. Tell him to go put one on himself! sorry that was a little offensive. It wont work, just make him scared of you. puppies are more sensitive than us.. so if it hurts us its going to seriously hurt a puppy. Plus it dosent just afflict physical pain, it causes emotional/mental pain too in dogs of ALL ages and sizes that he will never forget, that can lead to worse behaviors. you just need to train him not to bark he's only three months, he will learn fast but even though tell your dad it can take time. Nothing happens in a snap of the fingers it takes patience and time. Dont worry, just whatever you do dont de-bark your dog... the dogs bark is his way of talking i wouldnt want to be voiceless. anyways sont shock collar him. On a little puppy I consider it Animal Abuse.

I hope this helps you, I didnt mean to sound rude if I did.. I'm just trying to back up my thoughts.... Dont Shock collar him! lol Good luck and God bless!! <><

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