Small Dog Supplies

small dog supplies

small dog supplies
my 18 year old daughter wants to get a puppy, what can she expect to pay to get the puppy and supplies?

She lives in her own apt which we pay for but she wants to pay for her own dog... we will NOT pay for it. What can she expect to pay for a small dog with hair (no fur) such as Yorkie or Maltese or toy Poodle? Then, how much for the vet bills to spay/neuter, shots, misc... then apt. pet fees, pet rent, dog food, toys, bed, etc...
in the Atlanta area

Why make this easy for her. She is 18 years old and can do the the research on her own if she wants a dog that bad. It will take her awhile to do and maybe change her mind about the whole thing. I am sure she will have a social life, so doggy daycare should be added to the list at $18 a day. My daughters shih tzu, we found out has cancer and I can just imagine what the surgery is going to be for that. Lots of $. don't forget grooming every 6 weeks which isn't cheap for your daughter either. Don't forget the training also that can add up. Depending on if she does it as a puppy, or it will cost her more if she does no training and the dog wants to rule the apt. and your daughter and she will be paying alot of money for behavioral problems. I charge $85 a session.

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