Stop Dog Barking Following These 3 Easy Steps!

Probably one of the more annoying dog behaviors that a dog can exhibit would be a barking problem. There can be many reasons that a dog will start barking, and finding out these reasons are very important to find out so that the problem of the dog barking can be stopped.

A dog barking is always going to be triggered by something or someone in their environment. A dog might simply be trying to assert himself over another dog or animal that is around. The dog might also be trying to show where his territory is or could even simply be barking for fun.

Some dogs that have a barking problem will bark a lot when another dog is around because they have not been socialized with other dogs much, and lastly dogs will bark to get attention from their owner.

Stop dog barking problems by trying a couple of things.

Some owners can escalate the problem of the dog barking by giving them a reward in some way even if it is a negative one. Dogs are a lot like children in that way. Dogs need to know in a very clear and understandable way that barking is not acceptable behavior.

To stop dog barking your dog needs to know that he will not be rewarded in any way while he continues his barking. A owner that yells at a dog for problem barking is only negatively reinforcing the behavior by giving the dog attention.

If your dog is barking outside and then you let him inside you are doing nothing more than reinforcing this barking behavior and this will do nothing to help stop dog barking problems.

Do not react to the barking issue that way you are not giving the dog negative or positive attention for the bad behavior.

If there is a sudden noise as a doorbell the owner should not react quickly, showing the dog that there is not anything to be concerned about. Make sure that the dog gets enough exercise and has enough things to play with so that he is not bored or stressed out.

If the dog has been barking when the owner is away, he should not be greeted when getting home, you should wait until the dog has calmed down before giving him attention. When the dog is not barking, he should be praised and when he is barking, there should be a negative association created with the barking, such as a loud noise or a bark collar.

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