Teach Your Dog To Sit!

Teach your dog to sit following a few simple guidelines. If you are just bringing a new puppy into your home you should give the little guy some time to adjust to his new surroundings.

Just think about what a drastic change it has been for your new puppy, he was used to being part of a little and he had his Mom with him for comfort but now he is brought into a whole new atmosphere.

Before you try to teach your puppy any commands you first need to form a bond with him. Once the little fellow is acclimated to his new home you may then want to start to teach him some simple commands.

After successfully potty training your pup you may then want to teach your dog to sit.

Teach Your Dog To Sit A Very Easy Dog Training Command

Teach Your Dog To SitFirst you are going to want to find a nice quiet place with no distractions because a puppies attention span is very limited. This not only goes for puppies it is the same for older dogs as well.

The biggest mistake most dog owners make when attempting to train their dog to follow any particular command is they make the whole process to complicated for the dog.

When training your dog to sit you must only use a one word command such as "sit." You don't want to say "now sit Fido" or "sit down Fido" if the command is too long for your dog to comprehend you will not have any success with your training.

The most effective method to use to teach your dog to sit is to reward him with small bits of treats when he follows the command correctly.

The first step is to put your dog gently into the sitting position by pressing down on his rear end all the while repeating the command sit. If your dog stays in the sitting position for any length of time give him a treat and lots of praise.

It may not seem like it at times but the fact is your dog wants to please you so if you give him lots of praise and loving when he responds to a command correctly he will associate that command with your positive reinforcement.

Teach Your Dog To Sit In Just One Training Session

When attempting to teach your dog to sit you need to remember that dogs have a short attention span so you do not want to make his training sessions more than 15 to 30 minutes at the most.

If you try to work with him any longer than that it is only going to result in the two of you becoming frustrated and you never want a training session to be a negative event for your pup.

So to teach your dog to sit you will want to work with him every day for about 15 minutes at a time and you need to keep in mind that repetition and positive reinforcement are going to be your best tools while raining your dog.

Now to be successful with your training you will need to continually put your dog into the sitting position all the while repeating the command sit.

Every time you put your dog in the sitting position give him a treat and lots of praise. While working with your dog you can try holding the treat above his head and slightly farther back so that he must stretch his snout in order to see the treat.

When you present the treat to your dog in this fashion it will generally be more comfortable for him to sit in order to get a better view of the treat. I find this to be n excellent way to teach your dog to sit.

You just need to have a little bit of patience and a lot of love to give to your new companion with those two ingredients you will be able to teach your dog to sit in no time at all.

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